Clean food technology grants clarified

AusIndustry has launched a new information page on their website to help food manufacturing companies clarify their eligibility for funding under the $200 million Food and Foundries Clean Technology Funding Program.

You will find a list of activities they broadly classify as being food and beverage manufacturing activities followed by a more indepth description of what is ‘not’ food manufacturing.  They are clarifying that although some manufacturing activities are ineligible when they are the sole activity of the business, where these activities form part of an integrated manufacturing operation, they may be considered as manufacturing activities. Examples are provided.

The page then scrolls onto outline specific aspects of what the program will or will not accept in realtion to: Transport activities, Vertical integration and Collaborative projects. The latter two each include a case study showing an example of the companies involved and how they broke down their operations to indentify which aspects of their projects were eligible for funding.

Eligible or not? The AusIndustry website will provide you everything you need to find out and if you are, guide you in moving forward to making an application.

Visit the Identifying eligible projects for food and beverage manufacturers webpage here
Download the PDF version of the page here