Highrocks Launches Hand Sanitiser to Australian Market

Due to high demand, Highrocks Store now has hand sanitiser in stock and ready for purchase. Highrocks hand sanitiser comes in bottles of 500ml and will help decrease bacteria and germ spread throughout your facility or office. Highrocks offers free shipping around Australia, to make it easier and quicker for you to keep your team safe.   

In June 2020 Wiley launched Highrocks as an initiative to aid their extensive pool of clients in sourcing critical equipment, consumables and safety supplies to aid in navigating the challenges associated with the current disrupted business conditions. 

Highrocks has KN95 and 3-ply disposable masks in stock on the website, along with other safety equipment, such as STOMMPY bollards. Highrocks has ventured out to provide more inventory and more products over the past six months and has plans to continue to do so. 

Order your supply HERE