Who am I: External Advisor | Organisational Psychologist

Mother of two boys (Christos & Mathew), French Bulldog (Elvis) wife to Peter, Organisational Psychologist (Left Field Co.), co-owner of a Fruit, Deli & Commercial Kitchen, Superior Fruit. My life is full.

At Wiley, I’m fulfilling the mission of making a difference through people in developing, creating and supporting people initiatives using the science of people at work. I choose to work with people and companies who take this seriously and who value the input of a psychologist to create better workplaces (Yes, I have walked away from organisations where this is not the case).

Family is the most important thing to me and I enjoy the most creating memorable moments (I take seriously Easter, Christmas, Halloween – any chance to decorate the house and dress up, and school holidays is important to create great memories). My children know what it is like to have a working mum, often in the car (my mobile office) listening to my conversations (the ones that aren’t confidential!)

My love is learning, reading, having a blank canvas and creating something new, art, beautiful interiors and design.

You know what I feel and think, simply by looking at my facial expressions and my hand gestures (thanks to my Greek Heritage)