COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

At Wiley, we take the safety of our staff, clients, subcontractors and visitors seriously. As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, Wiley must ensure that health and safety remains a top priority across all of our workplaces, while doing what we can to ensure our projects can be delivered.

Wiley are proposing a COVID-19 mandatory vaccination policy for all Wiley workplaces. As a subcontractor undertaking work for Wiley, you are invited to review and make comment on the draft policy. We have included our risk assessment to further detail inputs used in developing the policy. When making comment, you should also reflect on your own legal obligations to consult with your workforce.

Please provide feedback to by Friday 21 January, 2022. Wiley will consider all submissions when developing a final policy.

The documents available for review are:

  1. COVID-19 Risk Assessment
  2. Draft COVID-19 Vaccination Policy