Queensland Globe4G20 interactive toolkit

The Queensland Globe for G20 (G20 Globe) is a dynamic technology platform that offers a new and exciting way of exploring the state.

The powerful interactive tool will help build your understanding of this great state prior, during and following the 2014 G20 Leaders’ Summit.

Using a geographic framework, you can explore Queensland across six economic sectors including:

  • agriculture
  • construction
  • resources
  • tourism
  • science and innovation
  • education and training.

Each sector offers narratives supported by up-to-date information and statistics as well as videos and animations.
Read more about the G20 Globe experience.

The G20 Globe suite

Globe4G20 app (ideal for mobile devices)

This handy app fuses G20 Globe data with digital technology to showcase Queensland’s economic advantages.



Google Earth Globe (ideal for PC or Mac)

Accessible by or PC or Mac, this is a comprehensive G20 globe data experience, seen through Google Earth. You can access maps, data layers and imagery of Queensland.

How to install and use the G20 Globe for Google Earth 

The Cube Globe

Developed in partnership with QUT’s Institute for Future Environments, The Cube Globe is an interactive and cinematic visualisation of showcase content.

The Cube Globe is now on public display at QUT on the following dates (10am – 4pm):

  • November 10-13
  • November 19 (GIS Day)

Visit the Cube for additional opening dates and times.

Commemorative map

Our latest guide to the geography of Queensland highlights key places of interest. Learn about our diverse regions and economic stories.Download commemorative map (PDF, 6.41MB)